A Thing is a Thing

I remember a wise man telling me once:

“Kai, you must let a thing be a thing. One thing cannot be another.”

It took me quite some time to understand what he meant, until today while submitting applications for jobs. As I looked at my resume, I realized that it reeked of artistlivewiresoul-identified human and does-as-she-please.

And I GOT IT in that moment:

I was not applying for personality-of-the-year award. I am not seeking to write my Pulitzer Prize novel in this application. I am applying for a way to put food on my table and keep a roof over my head. All they want to know is how well I can match those bullet points under “duties.”

That’s it. 

I have a feeling I will finally be getting an offer this week. And I am no less the free-woman-soul-baring artist that does-as-she-please simply because I learned to let a “thing be a thing.”

No more. No less.

I see: allowing a thing to be doesn’t change who I am.

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