How to Tell A Good Man From A Bad One

Ama sat beside her grandmother, watching the weathered fingers nimbly knit something soft and blue that looked as though it might turn into a scarf. She could never tell with grandmother though. Gran had always been known as a woman given to the spontaneity of her spirit.

She could not be predicted.

“What’s holdin’ you?” Her grandmother’s voice pierced the silence sharp, quick and clear. As always.

“How can you tell a good man from a bad one, Gran?”

At that, Gran laughed and laughed. “Everyting is a circle going in a circle girl, ain’t no good, no bad. Just IS-ness of it all. I tell you — is the sun shining?”

Ama’s eyes were already squinting from the brightness. “Yeah, Gran…”

“Not everywhere it ain’t!” Gran cut her off, glancing quickly out the corner of her eye to catch the rays of light revealing the deep brown of her beloved child’s face. “Somewhere there’s a night as dark as pitch, and yet, right here the sun is shining. This is how this good man, bad man thing go: it all depend on where you are in relationship to the one in question.”

Ama understood.

~Kai Li Kai



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