“A rigorous shake-up is healthy for relationships; any reminder of the impermanence of everything awakens what had once fallen asleep, OR reveals that which has died.”

– Someone Somewhere

This blog post on Paulo Coelho’s site is so perfect for this time of year.

We all go through changes — periods of breaking down and rebuilding — especially in our relationships. If you haven’t, you aren’t living (not truly) because this cycle is inherent in the nature of life.

Change is distance followed by closeness…a no followed by a well, maybe. Change is sunrise and sunset, rinse, wash and repeat. It is the way it was all written.

And if we trust the rhythm of life’s cycles, without putting pressure on ourselves or others to always remain the same, life becomes even more sacred and special, and yes, scary.

This is no trite new-age rhetoric: this is Real Life for the Living, in all its nonlinear, irrational, cyclical glory.


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